Photoshop cartoons

Australian political photoshop cartoons

Twilight: Breaking America

There’s a vampire in the West Wing

Trump’s long kiss goodnight

From “American Carnage” to … actual American carnage.

Carlos Ghosn’s Japan escape should be a heist movie

The former Nissan chairman was arrested in Tokyo, but escaped Japan in a private jet. Hollywood should make what I’m calling ‘Ghosn’s Eleven’!

Megxit in Italian: Harryvederci

We need to start translating hashtags into Italian more often.

Julia Banks-y quits LNP

Liberal MP Julia Banks quit the government today, putting it further into minority. She gives new meaning to the phrase ‘doing a Banksy’.

Nixon Despairs

Although Trump is making Nixon look better by the minute.

White House doesn’t look like ‘Hangover’ scene: Trump

Trump can’t find his pants, Kellyanne’s missing a tooth—you do the maths.

United Airlines drags man off plane

“Carry-on luggage, carry-off passengers—what do you think of our new slogan?”

The Fog of Dior

Jared Kushner wore a blazer for his Iraq troop visit—as you do.

Frydenburned: Weatherill delivers scorcher

SA PREMIER Jay Weatherill served up smokin' hot Frydenburgers at a press conference today.

JB Hi-Fi to acquire the Good Guys

New name will be “Hi Guys”

Pokemon Go Away

Come back another day

Prince joins David Bowie in the stars

With apologies to the original. RIP.

Fivers to become ‘clivers’

How did Clive Palmer get his mug on the new $5 note?

Obama promises Turnbull the pics will be taken down

The new-ish PM was not happy with the photos of Julia Gillard on the White House walls.


The return of Malcolm Turnbull means Australia is about to have a new prime minister yet again.

The San Francisco 49-Eels

Might as well change the Parra colours #Hayne

The Hockey Horror Picture Show

Joe Hockey’s Budget was a step to the right.

‘I want to be frank’: Turnbull

I want to be Frank Underwood, that is. Riiiiibs, Freddy!

Kim Jong-un cancels Sony premiere

The wide release of “The Interview” was cancelled after hackers threatened Sony’s NYC premiere. Look who’s a player now …

Back to the Futile: NBN hits 88 bytes per hour

Turnbull’s copper wire plan is yeah, nah, not very good at all.

Sophie Mirabella loses seat

“Les Miserabella” heard the people sing.

US bombs Great Barrier Reef (yes really)

Look out for Pixar’s next Nemo sequel: Finding Ammo

Kanye interrupts royal birth

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye …

Rudd shoots down Gillard

KEVIN 07 became Kevin 007 today.

A Tom Waterhouse bet we’d like to see

Rugby league fans have been waiting for this.

NRL Fantasy Football

A new logo for Fantasy Football.

Ted Baillieu resigns

The Victorian premier will now be known as Ted-Ex.

Le Tour de Farce: Armstrong admits cheating

Tour de France organisers cancelled Lance Armstrong’s seven titles in response.

How Tony Abbott will win the election

This is the original of the cartoon that went viral.

Don’t wanna be Obama self: Gillard

‘Living alone, I think of all the friends I’ve known’

Qantas vs unions

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has grounded the entire fleet in a war with the unions.

My heart will go on

All aboard the good ship ALP …

Osama vs Fukushima movie gets (neon) green light

First Japan leaks nuclear waste into the ocean. Then Osama bin Laden is buried at sea. Result? An awesome monster movie!

Star Spangled Ranga

Gillard returns from the US. (Thanks to Mike Bowers for the idea.)

ContikiLeaks: ‘WikiLeaks for backpackers’

What goes on tour no longer stays on tour.

Australia’s Next Top Shemozzle

Sarah O’Hare announced the wrong model as the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model.

Proof Tony Stark is Iron Man

Aussies know to look at the cereal.

Disney cleans up NRL, AFL scandals

After massive drug cheating allegations, AFL and NRL clubs have turned to Disney and Warner Bros for an image overhaul.

Bloody brilliant.Kerry G.

This is some expert level photoshop work, you guys.Melanie D.

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