I’ve been creating pixel havoc since 2009—my Tony Abbott does a Steven Bradbury went viral in my home country of Australia.

I also made a video (00:00:08) of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard DJing (to Herbie Hancock’s Rockit), which was viewed 10,000 times and was written up in Junkee, Pedestrian, and MusicFeeds as “legit genius”. It’s not very Australian to brag, but there are plenty of non-Australians who come here, so here we are!

It’s only eight seconds long, but you may find yourself watching it more than once!

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Thanks for viewing.

Ron Erdos

Bloody brilliant.Kerry G.

This is some expert level photoshop work, you guys.Melanie D.

PS your blog is AWESOME! Added to bookmarks...Nomad Australia